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 酒店概况 | Hotel profile
Yannian Shenyu Hotel is the 10th all-service high-quality hotel invested and managed by Changsha Yannian Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Located at No. 529 Labor West Road, located in Dongtang Business, Economic and Cultural Core Business Circle, the bustling hinterland of Changsha. It has superior geographical location, convenient transportation and accessible courtesy. Oriented by a young and fashionable "lifestyle", the hotel is committed to creating a brand new lifestyle light luxury hotel with an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It integrates accommodation, catering, meeting, banquet, foot bath, leisure, gymnasium, self-laundry, intelligent three-dimensional garage, 5G high-speed optical fiber, intelligent room control and other comprehensive service facilities.
Elegant environment, first-class service, noble enjoyment from here.
-Address:No.529, Labor West Road, Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
 酒店客房 | Guest Room
The hotel has 247 sets of ingenious, oriental charm blending western aesthetics. Intelligent luxury room presenting international audiovisual experience fully reflects the pursuit of "lifestyle" atmosphere, Bluetooth speaker intelligent connection in the room, enjoying music at any time and anywhere, and integrated intelligent control system, allowing you to experience the convenience and comfort brought by high-tech. The music is slow, the water ripples, walking in the courtyard, lying on the side of the bed, falling into a dream. Each room is equipped with independent control of central air-conditioning, dry and wet private bathroom, high-speed WIFI, bedding and towels from the well-known brand Stephen, Carnation, mattress from "dedicated to human health sleep" the only mattress listed company Xilinmen, American standard bathroom, Shiseido wash and care supplies.
客房价目表 Room Tariff
房间类型 Room Type
门市价 Rate(RMB)
酬宾价 Best available rate
 高级大床房 | Single room
 高级双床房 | Twin room
 豪华大床房 | Executive single room
 娱乐大床房 | Executive twin room
 娱乐套房  | Recreation single room
 商务套房  | Executive suite
The above room rates are inclusive delicate breakfast buffet and subject to change without prior notice.
Standard Amenities
  国内长途电话   DDD telephone
  国际长途电话   IDD telephone
  中央空调   Entral Air-conditioning
  数字卫星电视   Satellite Television
  24小时热水   24 hours hot water
  独立淋浴间   Independent shower
  多规格电源插座   Socket with different specifications
  迷你吧/小冰箱   Mini bar/refrigerator
  客房保险箱   In-room save
  可无线上网的公共区域   Public area with free wi-fi
  免费停车场   Free parking
  行李服务   Luggage Service
  贵重物品寄存   Valuables storage
  叫醒服务   Wake-up Service
  洗衣服务   Laundry service
  商务中心票务服务   Business/tickets center
  全天送餐服务   Room service

 延飨美食 | Catering
Our own catering brand "Yanxiang" gourmet food, restaurant design is simple and fashionable, unique visual style, so that you can enjoy the double feast of taste and vision, 14 luxury and elegant boxes, 2 magnificent banquet halls, exquisite full-time Hong Kong-style tea restaurant and leisure tea room, master chef team with its exquisite cooking skills to present you authentic Hunan cuisine, exquisite Huai-Guangdong cuisine, whether business. Banquets, birthday banquets, or small gatherings of friends can meet your different catering needs.
 荟享港式茶餐厅 | Conference Room
Huixiang Hong Kong-style tea restaurant provides delicious food throughout the day. It can also taste authentic Hong Kong food without going to Hong Kong. Hong Kong-style authentic curry, beef curry, brand milk tea... neon signs, black and white floor tiles, screens... are restored one by one in space, without any sense of distance. Like a popular market, from morning till night, there is a lively atmosphere of fireworks in Hong Kong. After eating quickly, a casual look up, the natural light of the patio sprinkled on his face, as if he had seen the city light of a long-time expert.
 多功能宴会厅 | Conference Room
The hotel has 7 large and small conference rooms, the largest multi-functional hall 450 square meters, 5 meters high, equipped with ultra-high definition LED screen, dazzling stage lighting and audio equipment, advanced banquet supporting equipment, can meet all your high-end banquet and Conference business needs; professional service team carefully takes care of every detail, provides the highest level of one-stop reception service, to ensure your case value and meeting. Everything is perfect.
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